The ONE-4.5

The ONE-4.5

Do service times seem to come way quicker than they seemingly should?

Pump more per stroke with our larger 4.5 casing, resulting in greater lengths between servicing.With the same internal parts that you have come to expect on any ONE pump model, the 4.5”casing provides more room, resulting in greater volume per stroke & more time between services.

Key features of the ONE-4.5:

  • Quickly transition from the ONE to the 4.5” & back with 3 easy steps
  • Redesigned casing allows a maximum operating temperature of 250*F
  • Upgraded magnets that withstand higher temperatures, sand, & harsh chemicals.
  • Redesigned actuator rod assembly allows for less drag & quicker reassembly.
  • All major components are 316 machined stainless steel for increased durability.
  • Accepts industry-standard size hose barbs or fast fittings
  • Every pump is built in the USA & comes with a 5-year standard warranty.

Want more info on the ONE-4.5 Pump? Feel free to reach out to us at: 704.453.4373 or email [email protected]