Need to pump down below a standard pump’s capability?

The shorter length of the low draw-down pump allows liquids to be pumped closer to the bottom of the well. Actuation of the LDD pump can happen with as little as 14” in the well, giving our LDD has the same pumping power as our standard pump in a smaller package.

Key features of the ONE-LDD:

  • 14” actuation point (compared to a 27”)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 250*F
  • Controller-Less Pneumatically Operated
  • All major components are 316 machined stainless steel for increased durability.
  • Accepts industry standard size hose barbs or fast fittings
  • Every pump is built in the USA and comes with a 5-year standard warranty.

Want more info on the ONE-LDD Pump? Feel free to reach out to us at: 704.453.4373 or email [email protected]